Cruzen Cowboy – 6 Pack


Includes (6 bottles):

  • 2 bottles of 2019 Deer Slayer Syrah
  • 2 bottles of 2018 Middle Fork Merlot
  • 2 bottles of 2018 Seven Devils Red

The Western Conservation Series features Grandfather Pete G. Cruzen in Idaho-Western landscapes.

2018 Middle Fork Merlot: Bright black in the glass, warm wood on the nose, leads to powerful pops of pomegranate, scintillating cinnamon and cedar. A family favorite for a slow-roasted Sunday dinner.#TrueGrit #TogetherForever

2019 Deer Slayer Syrah: Idaho Mountains majesty: briar and berry, mesquite and sage. Best at high elevations, low tide, late in the season. Serve with grass-fed, forest-foraged and garden-grown. #RidgesAndRivers #SummitInStyle

2018 Seven Devils Red: Devilish is right! Savor the sinful scents of 5 spice and star anise, revel in scandalous sips of ginger and blackberry. Imbibe on a sleigh ride or on the yacht you got in the divorce. Perfect for when someone else is cooking…or picking up the tab. #SinItToWinIt #WickedNWild 60% Cab Franc, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Merlot